Structural and Foundation
Repair Specialists

Structural Repairs

Replace or add girders, beams or piers to your existing foundation.

Encapsulation Systems

Resolve damp basements and crawlspaces with vapor barriers or complete encapsulation.


Floor leveling

Eliminate sagging floors and doorways by repairing the root cause of the structural issue.

Structural Repairs

Our experienced team will create a plan to resolve your home's structural foundation issues. We can fix failing foundation walls, build or replace supporting piers and beams, and install sub-floors.

Helical piers

The solution to use when there is structural damage to the foundation or the structure is built on unstable soil such as  where the soil has very high water content.

Encapsulation and vapor barrier systems

Crawl space encapsulation involves lining the foundation walls and the floor with overlapping sheets of thick polyethylene plastic creating an airtight vapor barrier that locks moisture out of this subfloor area.

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